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Amin Dada. This is the first association most westerners make when thinking of Uganda. After decades of chaos the country has been stable for about 10 years now and much has changed since then. Young attractive women crowd the streets of Kampala and are all keen on looking attractive while flirting with the tight boundary of cultural appropriateness. The temperature scours towards the 30C`s while each one of them needs to clear their tasks of the day amidst a buzzing city centre. One of them is called Garimoi (lion) Alur Harriet. Being a student of Ethics & Development studies, she was more concerned with her own clothing style then a theoretical career and spend much time advising her fellow students how to turn dirt cheap second hand clothing through creative adjustments into impressing combinations. Immediately a career had started and Harriet would focus her next years on the development of sustainable fashion from Africa.


Elijah Mcquinn stands for Sustainable fashion from Africa. Elijah Mcquinn is an ethical brand, concerned with the sustainability of its complete supply chain. By adhering to ethical and sustainable fashion, Elijah Mcquinn has become the boldest fashion brand from Uganda. The brand recognizes its sustainability in the following four aspects: Social inclusion, environmental waste reduction, outreach training and vocational apprenticeships. Fashion sustainability in Africa is now key to business.

Ugandan quality leather to fabricate quality leather bags in Uganda
Sustainable fashion brand from Africa organises vocational trainings in Uganda
Sustainable fashion brand from Africa organises vocational trainings in Uganda
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