Sustainable fashion, a cult, a myth or a lifestyle?

Sustainable fashion, a cult, a myth or a lifestyle?

In our own terms we look at sustainable fashion as an approach to any form of design that has minimalist effect on the Environment and is highly beneficial to the people and the community , not ignoring their cultural or traditional values. This should be right from sourcing through the hands of the consumer.

The best way to understand sustainable fashion is through questions like, is the material used natural? Is it biodegradable? Is it from a form of renewable source of energy? Can it be recycled? These should be the key questions that everyone getting involved in the production process should ask themselves.

The myth, cult or lifestyle of sustainable fashion is more and more becoming a trend among st the elite in fashion. But this role is not only for manufactures and creative designers, it also the sole responsibility of you the consumers. Consumers play the biggest role in determining how their products are produced and with what materials!

Questions every consumer needs to ask themselves before purchasing any form of fashion are:

1. Do you need it?

2.Consider the material used for the item?

3. Is it biodegradable?

4. Is it durable?

5. Is it versatile enough to wear with different pieces in your existing wardrobe?

6. Do I respect the ethics of the brand to be representing it when I wear it?

7. Am I responsible enough to care for this garment,shoe or bag to keep its life span or more last longer?

8. What will happen with my life if I don’t buy?

9. Will it look as great after one year?


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