Striking lamp shades

Striking lamp shades

The easiest way to make changes to your spaces at home will forever be the simple pleasures of a lamp with well picked out shades. Imagine the joy from a table lamp, bedside lamp or our Elijah Mcquinn four legged Quadripod lampstand.

One can entirely revitalise a living space by merely updating a lampshade with a new fabric pattern, colour or material. Our stands are hand-made by a team of dedicated carpenters in celebration of the world’s diversity of cultures. They demonstrate the fine craftsmanship techniques taught to these Ugandan youth who now make a living.

Every home needs these two essentials, a tall skinny floor lamp to grace the side of your living area and a mini accent lamp perfectly styled to match your interior. Despite the fact that lighting is usually the most underestimated part of a house we have over past learned to improve our lighting this way. Also you can improve your living space and choose a lamp stand which fits the colors of your walls and furniture to enjoy your evenings at home even more.


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