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We explore with our clients how our designs and attributes can balance with their looks in perfect harmony. To help ladies show their beauty even further we now offer organic shea butter directly from Northern Uganda. Shea revitalizes, moisturizes and smoothens our delicate skins. We recommend you to use it as a night cream to remove dark patches under the eyes or to clear acne. Available in 30ml luxury travel packs.

In Uganda there is an assumption that quality necessarily needs to come from abroad.  Unfortunately that is how our people are being taken advantage of and how mediocre imports from Asia enter the country under the flag of international quality. With Elijah Mcquinn we have proven that a Ugandan label can reach international standards and be accepted for retail in the most upmarket shopping street in Europe. My message to my fellow Ugandans is to be proud of our origins without feeling shy to recombining your style with other foreign themes.

Fabrication time is based on the work load of our female tailoring team. Usually we are able to help toy within 7 days. For emergency orders contact us on phone or walk into our boutique directly. A down payment of 50% is requested for custom made orders.
My inspiration comes from frequent visits to the country`s local markets as well as the most fancy boutiques visited during our international travels. This helped me to see our place as Ugandan fashion designers in perspective. My journey so far reminds me somehow of those vintage safari travels of the early 20th century. Ambitious ladies who explored unknown territories in pursuit of a fulfilling career in a male dominated world.
Mcquinn is my son`s name. His coming to the world inspired me to start a clothing line that would support both of us. Since those difficult early days as a single mom I am now proud to have turned this baby into a bold child discovering the fashion world.
We would love to meet you in person at our petite boutique in Kisementi, Kampala. In Antwerp we sell a limited selection of designs at YOUR outlet in Kloosterstraat. Occasionally we organize popup sales in Belgium or Netherlands.

We accept credit & debit card payments and bank transfers via our online shop. In case this is not an option you can place the order without payment and contact us to propose an alternative payment solution.

We accept cash and credit/debit cards at our shops.

Every day tons of second hand clothing are dumped onto the African continent. For every piece of item dumped, a local tailor has one day less income. As Elijah Mcquinn we decided to make a statement against this unsustainable practice by recycling the attributes of this original western clothing. We select buttons, laces, linings and cutouts which are still in perfect condition and we reuse them into newly designed items. This reduces local clothing market distortion and reduces the environmental impact by unnecessary production. We try to send these up-cycled articles back to Europe for retail to the same people who threw them. I wish they knew.
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