Eco Friendly sustainable sisal sandals

Eco Friendly sustainable sisal sandals

No matter what era, no matter what century, recycling will never get out of fashion. More importantly it is our role to get the word out there that there is no such thing as ”waste”.

It always ends up ”somewhere”. All this stuff we get rid off or throw away ends up in the lakes, rivers, and dump sites. In some cases it ends up in informal African markets. These shoes we collected from ”Owino market” in Kampala have been transformed into new spring sandals.

What drew us into recycling these sandals was preserving the environment and promoting slow fashion. Overmore its sisal and muted tones fit to all styles and provide undeniable comfort.

recycled spring sandals

Also check out the Relooping Fashion initiative which does amazing work to promote recycle clothing fashion.

A finished product of our recycled spring sandals.

The comfort should be one of the reasons you dash and order these sandals.


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