Striking lamp shades

The easiest way to make changes to your spaces at home will forever be the simple pleasures of a lamp with well picked out shades. Imagine the joy from a table lamp, bedside lamp or...

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Sustainable fashion, a cult, a myth or a lifestyle?

In our own terms we look at sustainable fashion as an approach to any form of design that has minimalist effect on the Environment and is highly beneficial to the ...

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Eco Friendly sustainable sisal sandals

No matter what era, no matter what century, recycling will never get out of fashion. More importantly it is our role to get the word out there that there is no such thing as ''waste''. It...

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What’s not to love?

''Where there is love there is life'' Ghandi This February we are sharing and spreading the love to all our customer. In social psychology there is something called the ''reciprocity'' which was widely popularised by...

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”Steep price tag” for Sustainable clothing.

I would love to start by saying we live in world full of greedy people who do not care about the lands that feed ,cloth and shelter them,hence before we start showing ultimate...

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Leaving no one behind, social inclusion for persons with disability.

I have grown up with a sister who is close to 40 years of age, she barely goes out of the gate except for Church occasionally because of her strong believe that God will one...

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