Hand-dyed cotton maxi dress

Hand-dyed cotton maxi dress

Hand-dyed cotton maxi dress

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$ 42

Hand-dyed cotton maxi dress, very comfortable. It has a certain thickness and feels soft and elastic. At the same time, a certain sense of sag so it does not appear bloated. the loose style can match lots of wear no pockets on the side. Comes with the hand-tied belt.

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This batik tunic dress with pockets is specifically made from hand dyed and locally patterned tribal cotton from Uganda by woman in the outskirts of Kampala.
A dress that is loosely fitted and baggy to dress as a casual dress with sporty sneakers. Some women in East Africa prefer to play it down as beach dress. In Europe this would excel as a spring dress or summer dress depending on how you layer it.

Take this dress to the office, a party, on vacation and have the most enjoyable time wearing it. Designed for woman in all sizes and shapes, this dress is a must have for both curvy and skinny women.

Gentle, cyan, such a fresh and vibrant color. Colour fades beautifully over time


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