Black leather clutch bag

Black leather clutch bag

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$ 48

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Our women’s leather clutch bag are made with genuine cow leather from Ugandan cows. Our handmade genuine leather bags make you stand out as a fashionista in Kampala. Therefore we have crafted this piece of art to make it detachable from the straps to use it as a small pouch or throw-in purse.


11inches by 11inches wide.

All our leather products are made out of 100% genuine Ugandan leather. Ugandan Ankole cows are known for their impressive horns – one of the largest in the world. These animals live a free ranging life style within their herd across the savannah. Its skin colour varies from dark brown to light oker and every shade in between. The cattle are treated as sacred due to the significance they play in the cattle keeper culture of the Ugandan tribes.

Caring instructions:

  • When dirty, clean your leather with water and a little soap
  • When wet, dry gradually at room temperature
  • When dry, apply a specialised leather conditioner to re-moisturize
  • When not in use, store it away from sun and humidity
  • By caring for your leather, it will become more beautiful and interesting over time, showing its history—and yours.


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